Carry out your purchasing processes from a single platform in an efficient way

Empower your purchasing teams with a network of subcontractors and automated price comparisons

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Manage your purchasing processes


We automate tasks using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Web Flows, reducing time and administrative burden


We optimize the visibility between all parties interested and we provide a network for better interaction, reducing direct costs of tendering and expanding the offer


We integrate with all current systems through our powerful API for Conkau to become the single platform that they need to use to make purchases

Improving communication and collaboration

Improvement of the communication and collaboration between contractors, subcontractors and distributors.

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Project measurements

Plan and generate processes of purchase including items or decomposites

Import measurements of the project from a BC3 or Excel file

Project monitoring

Compare the expected costs of the projects with current costs

Detect deviations of expenses in advance

Provider network

Find qualified suppliers according to your needs

Check metrics and all past activity with your suppliers

Price comparisons

Generate, save and export the comparisons of the prices of the proposals received

Make simulations of prices in the dynamic price comparison table

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Public profile

Configure your profile according to your activity to receive invitations to purchase processes

Public Procurement

Participate in public purchases and increase your network of contractors

Submission of proposals

Manage all submitted proposals in one place

Proposal Management

Submit changes and keep track of submitted versions

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